We take on loads of frozen, fresh and dairy products

Deliveries to cruise ships and loading of part loads, Groupage
frozen products

Frozen products

A food industry with a huge range of products (fruit, vegetables, food, chicken, pies) and destinations, an industry that requires special knowledge, expertise and attention during transport due to the temperature, especially during the summer months.

By choosing stable partnerships with our customers we manage to relieve them from the stress of and relieve them of the stress of transportation from damage and complaints.

With stable partnerships we also help our carriers to gain better expertise for each cargo / destination and to grow alongside us faster and safely.
fresh products

Fresh products

A special industry with the ability to test at any time the flexibility and speed of adaptation of the carrier.

An industry extremely sensitive to planning as it involves the unpredictable factor, the weather, and international competition like no other! So this is where customers can further understand the concept of supply chain collaboration and the critical role of the Inter-Carrier in the execution of any project.

Dairy products

One of the most important export sectors in Greece with huge growth in recent years. It has been a strategic choice of our company to support each of our partners by offering reliability, security and support throughout the year with fixed prices and stable shipments per week.

With a wide network across Europe and with England as a cornerstone, which despite the difficulties (BREXIT, Customs) we have never abandoned, we continue to grow alongside these companies.


Another positive impact of stable partnerships is a more direct understanding of the problems our customers face. One of these is our LTL cargo service with a final destination of England.

By offering a regular departure every Friday from Thessaloniki to Italy, Northern France and England we strengthen the relationship with our customers and help to further develop their sales.

ships-cruise delivery

Deliveries to Cruise Ships

One of the most difficult sectors in logistics is ship supply. An industry that is made up of many parties involved, but at the same time is unbearably compressed by delivery times to different countries and ports.
It is precisely in this industry that our company has excelled with its honesty and professionalism, having established long-term partnerships with the world leaders of the cruise industry.

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