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Trust, Honesty, Authenticity

With a focus on collaboration, the goal was and is clear...to grow together, hand in hand with our partners! With a continuous upward trend, from the foundation of our company until today, it confirms that we are on the right path.

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Transit & International Transport Services

We love what we do and we do what we love


The fundamental principle of our company is Honesty. We are well aware that our service is one piece of a long chain with many unpredictable factors.

But the most important thing for us is honesty between partners. No problem or factor is worth risking this value. We believe in it, adhere to it, seek it...



In a fast-moving market, the ability to provide availability at all times can be extremely critical.

A service that can only be provided through solid partnerships.

By learning our customers' needs, we offer a solution at the best possible price.



Using every available technology (email, Viber, WhatsApp, Skype) our team is in constant communication with Customers, Suppliers, and unloading points for the best possible result on every order.

A proven service formula that relieves our customers of extra workload and minimizes the possibility of errors or misunderstandings.

Range of Network

Aware of our customers' ever-increasing need for new destinations, we are expanding our network of partners to offer services and solutions wherever they are needed.


Financial Data


Turnover 1.960.000

204 Import / 4.488 tonnes
476 Export / 10.472 tonnes


Turnover 3.590.000

347 Import / 7.634 tonnes
812 Export / 17.864 tonnes


Turnover 3.527.000

366 Import / 8,052 tonnes
854 Export / 18.788 tonnes


Turnover 4.512.000

468 Import / 10.296 tonnes
1.092 Export / 24.024 tonnes


Turnover 5.113.000

516 Import / 11.352 tonnes
1.203 Export / 26.466 tonnes


Turnover 6.467.000

664 Import / 14.608 tonnes
1.548 Export / 34.056 tonnes


Turnover 9.074.000

916 Import / 20.152 tonnes
2.110 Export / 46.429 tonnes


Turnover 12.834.000

1.449 Import / 31.878 tonnes
3.126 Export / 68.772 tonnes


Turnover 15.101.000

1.508 Import / 33.176 tonnes
2.877 Export / 63.294 tonnes
We operate with


Understanding our customers' behaviour and motivations is a key ingredient for building long-term partnerships. We acting with empathety on every problem, we not only ensure an easier solution, we also achieve a stronger relationship with the client.
DS-A Good Companion Shortens The Longest Road
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A good companion shortens the longest road

At DS FREIGHT FORWARDING we are team players and we believe that the most reliable and reliable way to achieve your goals is through teamwork and harmonious cooperation. That is why we have taken care to formulate a modern range of services, arming it with ethics, reliability and high expertise.

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Please read the Contract Terms that apply to your cooperation with DS Freight Forwarding services.

ISO Certifications

All the safety certifications and ISO international standards that our company has.


Find all security certifications related to DS Freight Forwarding's transport services.

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