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At the heart of DS Freight Forwarding lies a bedrock of trust. We build dependable relationships, knowing that trust is the currency of our trade.


We put ourselves in your shoes, understanding the nuances of your needs to tailor our solutions precisely.


We are genuine in our interactions, services, and solutions. Our authenticity shines through in every partnership, ensuring real connections and lasting impact.

Why do we prioritize our values?

Because we are not just about moving goods; We are about moving your business forward.

Transit & International
Transport Services

Our Expertise, Your Peace of Mind

We offer comprehensive logistics solutions tailored to the unique needs of fresh and frozen goods of food safety and quality. Our edge lies in the solid service.

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Fresh and Frozen
Goods Transport

Precision temperature-controlled logistics for perishables.

Cruise Ship Deliveries-dsff

Cruise Ship

Specialized solutions for maritime supplies.

Custom Logistics

Tailored services to meet unique challenges.

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Freight Services

Find out more about our services, the loads we undertake to transport and our available fleet.

Seamless logistics solutions

Our Freight Journey
Through Numbers


Turnover 1,960,000

204 Import / 4,488 tonnes
476 Export / 10,472 tonnes


Turnover 3,590,000

347 Import / 7,634 tonnes
812 Export / 17,864 tonnes


Turnover 3,527,000

366 Import / 8,052 tonnes
854 Export / 18,788 tonnes


Turnover 4,512,000

468 Import / 10,296 tonnes
1,092 Export / 24,024 tonnes


Turnover 5,113,000

516 Import / 11,352 tonnes
1,203 Export / 26,466 tonnes


Turnover 6,467,000

664 Import / 14,608 tonnes
1,548 Export / 34,056 tonnes


Turnover 9,074,000

916 Import / 20,152 tonnes
2,110 Export / 46,429 tonnes


Turnover 12,834,000

1,449 Import / 31,878 tonnes
3,126 Export / 68,772 tonnes


Turnover 15,101,000

1,508 Import / 33,176 tonnes
2,877 Export / 63,294 tonnes


Turnover 13,501,180

1,322 Import / 29,084 tonnes
1,966 Export / 43,252 tonnes

With each year, our import/export tonnage has not just grown, it's multiplied, reflecting our relentless drive to innovate and expand. But these numbers are just the surface. They represent our strategic vision, the strength of our partnerships, and the deep trust our clients have in us, manifesting in mutual growth year after year.

DS-A Good Companion Shortens The Longest Road

A Good Companion Shortens the Longest Road

Why You Should Choose Us

At DS FREIGHT FORWARDING above all we are team players and we believe that the most reliable way to achieve your goals is through teamwork and harmonious cooperation. That is why we lead every service with our values in mind, delivering consistency and authenticity at every step.

Meet Our Partners

We’re proud to work alongside some amazing companies, each bringing something special to the table.

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All the safety certifications and ISO international standards that our company has.


Find all security certifications related to DS Freight Forwarding’s transport services.

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